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New Members
All new members on MVI will be displayed by the latest date of joining at the top. You may want to contact them by either sending an email clicking on 'send' or by requesting a connection, clicking on 'connect'. Once the new person has accepted your connection request, you can 'label' them as family, friend, acquaintance or business contacts circles. These people will have access to your relevant tailored profile (e.g your 'friend profile' if they are a friend of yours) and any specific information e.g. temporary moves, news you wish to share with your connections. Please note that the other person will not know which 'label' you have given them.

Like in real life, you can also decide to make 'secret' several of your connections. Their picture will not appear in your connections and will be invisible to others. Click on 'set privacy' and choose 'hide from' the relevant circle. You may want to hide from your current boss that you are in discussions with their main competitor!