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New User

Click on 'NEW USER' at the top of the right-hand corner then fill in the short registration form. Once you click on 'sign up' a confirmation code is sent to your personal email.
Go to your personal email address, either click on the link or enter the given code in the MVI screen.

Note: If you can't find your confirmation email, maybe your browser stop it. Don't forget to check your spam!

Your registration is now complete and will be checked by our administrators. Once your account is approved you will have access to all the MVI services.


Online members

Under the sub-menu 'online members' you will be able to see all your other MVI connections displayed in alphabetical order.
By using the drop down arrow, you will be able to select a view for each of your circles, e.g., family, friends, business contacts or acquaintances.
The bottom of the right-hand column will show you all the recent connections made by the people you now and are already connected to through MVI.

My Connections

Under this sub-menu, you can see all your connections, again by using the drop-down arrow you can select a view by circles but you can also see the status of:
'People you have asked to connect to' and 'people who have asked you to connect.' As soon as you or a new member has accepted your request it becomes a connection.

Privacy setting for 'my connections':
Just like in real life, you may want to keep some of your connections private. MVI allows you to do this and your connection will be secret (not appearing against your profile) while you will be able to chat & exchange with this person in total privacy.

People I might know

New MVI members (or Members who have updated relevant sections of their profiles) will appear under this section. They will appear as 'People you might know' if they have gone to the same school/University as you (and during the same year) or if they worked in the same company as you (also during the same period).
You may then want to take the opportunity to get back in touch with them.

Member Search

You can search for other MVI members (already members of the site) either by name, email address, education or by the name of the companies they worked for.
Enter your search and click on OK. Please note that you cannot search the database on the four criteria at the same time.

Member invite

You can invite up to 10 of your friends to join MVI. Enter their email address in the space provided together with your invitation message. Their will receive a private email & link to click to register themselves.

My Profile

Once you are registered on MVI, you will arrive on this page when you log in.

MVI allows you to amend your different profiles, these viewable from friend, family, business contact , acquaintances, ALL MVI member and the public at any time.
  • ALL MVI members: are the members registered under MVI you are not connected to yet.
  • Public: are people who might be visiting the site but who are not registered yet. The members of the public are not allowed to use any functionality of the site until they register. Note that you can decide not to show any of your profiles to members of the public.
  • The Default profile is set to a minimum and until you decide to customise your different profiles it will apply.
It is only from the time you decide to accept a connection request (and you give it a circle attribution e.g business contact) therefore this member will only see your business profile and none of the others profiles. This way, you can show different information about your profile to different people just like in real life! You may want to share a photo of your recent holiday with your friends and family but your latest CV with your future employer!

Next to your profile will also be displayed :
  • Your social connections (friends, family & acquaintances). Please note that on your ALL MVI member profile, people won't be able to see the details of your connections - only the total number.
  • Your Business Connections (treated separately), the same applies as above only the total number is available until you connect
  • The Picture album(s) you have indicated you wish to share with that particular circle (e.g friends)
  • Events that you will be attending (and you have indicated that you wish to share this information with one or all of your circles)
  • Recommendations written about you (and that you accepted) on your profile
My settings

'My settings' is the place where we store your registration data (not seen by anyone else). You can also set the privacy and choose not be contacted by strangers, but only allowing your connections to get in touch with you by email or chat.

Finally, this is the place where you can change the setting of the 'Round up' MVI email that will be sent to our registered email for update. These can be daily, weekly or monthly updates.

My recommendations

This is the place for you to decide you to whom to show your recommendations. You can also delete previous recommendations. Once you tick a circle, these will be displayed next to your relevant profile.

My Photos

My albums

This is the display that will be showed to your connections (if you give them access). You can have a nice slide show by clicking on 'slideshow'. You can also 'edit', 'upload new pictures in your album' and 'reorder' pictures at any time.

Add an album

Once you have uploaded an album you can also linked it with a past Event you have organized. It will appear for other members to see under the calendar & related past event.


This section will display all events that you are invited to participate in, organized by yourself or by other MVI members.

You can visualize either:
  • Global diary (worldwide accessible)
  • Local diary (defaulted to your main location but you can search in a particular location by entering the name of a new place). The agenda for events will be displayed up to 30 km around the location.
  • Custom diary: meaning that the diary displayed will follow your own itinerary. For example if your prime location is London in the UK, but you have indicated (in updating my 'temporary locations') that you will be in New York for a fortnight, and then followed by a week-end in Paris, the aggregated agenda will pull up part of the diary events in London followed by the fortnight in New-York and week-end events in Paris. The aggregated agenda of possible events for your to attend follows your locations.
The 'My diary' section is where you will be entering your 'temporary moves' but also where you will be able to see which events you have signed up to or are organizing. The pink colour is used to highlight the events you're organising.

Please note that all Events organized through 'groups' will also be displayed under the diary.

Local Diary

Under local diary, you can see whom from the other MVI members who might be in the area, at a selected date. This is updated with the temporary locations indicated by the members.

Custom Diary

It summarizes the agenda of events according to your planned moves.

My Diary

This is the place to come to :
  • add an event (if you are the organizer). Please note that Events that will be published and open for the participation of ALL MVI MEMBERS will require THE APPROVAL OF THE ADMINISTRATOR.
  • Update 'Your Temporary locations'. Your connections will be notified of your temporary moves as specified.
My Favorite Locations

This is the place where you can decide to follow what's happening in different locations or parts of the world you are interested in. By default these 'locations' will be picked up by the system from your main & alternative addresses that you entered at registration. You can change these 'favorite locations' at any time while planning your next visit to a friend, next holiday or next conference overseas.

For each 'Favorite Location' selected, you will have a summary and alerts provided for new events, groups set up, New Members in the area, Town talks (forum for the locals), Housing opportunities (to post spare rooms for example), Jobs (search & advertisements) & Weather Forecasts.


Only paying MVI members can post a new job on the site, but everyone can access the job applications. To submit a job offer, fill in the form below. The administrator will review and approve it.


This is the area where members can participate in or initiate a 'Group'.

All groups are listed by default under 'All groups'. The drop down arrows will allow you to filter by categories.

Example of a group: Each group will have the opportunity to 'run events', upload photos and videos. The 'Organiser' will have the responsibility to manage it.

Membership can be open or restricted

You can create a new group with local or global reach for other members to join. Your group can be tailored to your 'circles' activities. You can also decide to set up a 'selective Group' requiring 'members approval' by yourself. If no members approval requires, then it will be an 'open group' and anyone on the site can sign up to your group activities.


This section allows you to send 'short news' to the connections of your choice. People will be able to post comments also on your 'news'.

Add video to a group

Open a Group - Select Videos Tab - Add a Group Video

Title and description are just text entries and hardly need explaining. The only 'difficult'* bit is the 3rd box - the 'embed code'. For this box, you have to copy the embed code from (eg You Tube) in the way described below and then paste in in here. Then, of course, you click 'Go' button :-)

* it isn't difficult at all, it's easy.

To access the embed code in You Tube, click the 'Embed' button as shown above. This will then show the 'embed code' box plus some options, as in the next screen shot.

First you make selections:
- checkboxes (best unchecked)
- video frame colour
- video size (mid size works OK)
Then click in the 'embed code' box, ensure all the embed text is highlighted (as shown) and copy it in the usual way (Ctl + C is good). Then you simply paste (Ctl + V) the code into the the embed code box in MVI as shown in the first Screen shot